spFieldLookup.cascadingFilter Method

Set cascading filter functionnality between two spFieldLookup instances

Namespace : jSPoint
Class : spFieldLookup
Released since : v0.2.0 (History)

  • Syntax
.cascadingFilter(targetFieldName, targetList, targetLinkItem, targetItemValue)

  • Parameters
Type : string
name of target lookup field
type : string
name of list storing target items
type : string
name of listItem used to link with source & target fields
type : string
name of listItem used to populate target lookup field

  • Example
// Create 2 instances of spFieldLookup in current Form
var myCountry = new jSPoint.spFieldLookup("Country");
var myCity = new jSPoint.spFieldLookup("City");

// Create cascading filter between this 2 lookup fields
myCountry.cascadingFilter(myCity.getName(), "Cities", "Country", "Title");

  • Result

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