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  • jSPoint Debug
Classes Description Type Inherit
jSPoint.debug Manage DebugMode of jSPoint Static

  • jSPoint Ajax
Classes Description Type Inherit
jSPoint.ajax Do Ajax request from SharePoint WebServices Static

  • jSPoint spFields
Classes Description Type Inherit
jSPoint.spFieldCollection Manage all the fields in form Static
jSPoint.spField Manage a field Instance
jSPoint.spFieldText Manage a TextField Instance jSPoint.spField
jSPoint.spFieldMultiLineText Manage a MultiLineTextField Instance jSPoint.spField
jSPoint.spFieldChoice Manage a ChoiceField Instance jSPoint.spField
jSPoint.spFieldMultiChoice Manage a MultiChoiceField Instance jSPoint.spField
jSPoint.spFieldNumber Manage a NumberField Instance jSPoint.spField
jSPoint.spFieldCurrency Manage a CurrencyField Instance jSPoint.spField
jSPoint.spFieldDateTime Manage a DateTimeField Instance jSPoint.spField
jSPoint.spFieldLookup Manage a LookupField Instance jSPoint.spField
jSPoint.spFieldLookupMulti Manage a LookupMultiField Instance jSPoint.spField
jSPoint.spFieldBoolean Manage a BooleanField Instance jSPoint.spField
jSPoint.spFieldUser Manage a UserField Instance jSPoint.spField
jSPoint.spFieldUrl Manage a UrlField Instance jSPoint.spField

  • jSPoint spSites
Classes Description Type Inherit
jSPoint.spSite Get informations from current SharePoint site Static

  • jSPoint spUsers
Classes Description Type Inherit
jSPoint.spUser Get users informations from current SharePoint site Static

  • jSPoint spLists
Classes Description Type Inherit
jSPoint.spList Manage lists from current SharePoint site Instance

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GurYN Mar 29, 2012 at 3:40 PM 

Here is a sample for a sharepoint user field called "Assigned To" :

var myField = new jSPoint.spFieldUser("Assigned To");

If it's not working, give me version of jQuery & jQuery UI you're using.


Max04 Mar 27, 2012 at 1:01 PM 

can you please post a sample for: jSPoint.spFieldUser.autoComplete(),
for me it is not working.


GurYN Mar 22, 2012 at 11:09 AM 

Have you seen this page :


nipeshshah Dec 30, 2011 at 7:29 AM 
It seems a nice code.
I want to get List item using this code.
But I am getting some error. that jSPoint is Undefined.
I try to create its' object. But still not working.
Can you upload a sample full code.